Student Lenses

Many of us, especially students now spend more than two hours a day using digital devices. This can cause digital eye strain, the symptoms of which can include headaches, eye fatigue, neck pain, and tired eyes.

SEIKO SmartZoom is constructed to harmonize your eyes with the use of digital devices, providing you with exceptional vision and helping to reduce digital eye strain. Seiko SmartZoom glasses afford you the greatest level of comfort and relaxation for your eyes allowing you to change your focus and switch between devices and focal distances with ease.

SEIKO SmartZoom is exclusively designed for people who spend two or more hours a day using digital screens.

three ladies studying around a laptop
a young lady wearing glasses while sitting at her computer writing down notes
three friends all smiling at a tablet device

Benefitting from 360-degree aspheric lenses, SEIKO SmartZoom offers exceptionally thin and lightweight tailored eyewear designed to offer you a wide visual field and outstanding image quality.
Seiko’s exclusive Balance Zone Technology enriches your vision whilst enhancing your aesthetics.  The revolutionary Zoom Power relaxes your eyes, allowing you to work and enjoy digital devices throughout the day and evening. Enriching the glasses wearers’ lives SEIKO SmartZoom embraces the digital world by providing optimal adaptation to the digital environment based on regular parameters. The lens is crafted to precision to deliver you perfectly relaxed vision and smooth switching between focal distances when looking at digital devices for long periods.

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