Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses,  also known as multifocal lenses, are lenses with multiple focal fields, allowing the wearer to be able to do close up work (reading), middle distance work (like computer work) as well as distance vision for things like driving

Conventional progressive lenses work for those who have similar prescription values for both eyes. For those who demand higher precision, unparalleled quality, optimal design and require a different prescription for each eye there is Seiko Prime.

older lady wearing glasses with progressive lenses
Middle aged man wearing glasses with progressive lenses
Pretty grey haired lady wearing glasses with progressive lenses

SEIKO PRIME synchronizes the fields of vision for both eyes, taking into account even the smallest difference in prescription value, such as +/- 0,5 sphere and/or cylinders – even around the outer edges.

Astigmatism is not without its challenges, especially when it comes to choosing progressive lenses. But Seiko makes it easier with the Advanced Aspheric Design, ensuring that distortions around the edges as well as limitations that occur within the close vision zone are eliminated. This helps give you crystal clear vision both near and far that will leave you forgetting that you were wearing lenses in the first place.

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