Lifestyle Lenses

Lifestyle lenses describes any kind of lens that is designed with a specific purpose in mind to enhance any type of activity that you partake in.

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Self tinting lenses

Imagine lenses that adapt to your surroundings quickly and reliably. That help protect your eyes from being overexposed to light, whether you are indoors or outdoors. SEIKO SENSITY lenses combine hi-tech photochromic technology with seamless design, helping you see comfortably from the moment the sun comes up.

SEIKO SENSITY lenses won’t leave you in the dark for long. Within 30
seconds, they darken to give off a stunning sun lens tint. And after
only 60 seconds, you can see clearly again with up to 23 percent lighter

Choose a tint that suits your style and needs – classic grey, warm brown or eye-catching green. All three varieties give you the best results when it comes to glare reduction, contrast retention, and color experience. On top of that, they provide protection against harmful UV rays.

different shades of lenses
Polarized lenses

SEIKO PolarThin is the world’s thinnest polarized lens and offers you complete glare reduction and improved contrast and color. With their lightweight design and thin shape, they can be used in all types of frames, including rimless and supra frames. Choose between cool grey or warm brown in order to give your lenses a natural hue.


An innovative polarization filter

While being active outdoors, it is crucial that you protect your eyes from high sun exposure. Otherwise, not only can you receive too much direct sunlight, but experience glare, both of which cannot be filtered out by conventional sunglasses. With the SEIKO PolarThin innovative polarization filter, glare is reduced and the benefits endless.

Improved colour and contrast

An added benefit of the SEIKO PolarThin filter is improved contrast,
allowing you to experience outdoor color tones more vividly and
intensely. Get ready to experience nature like never before.

an image of a man cycling on the road shown in different views using normal sunglasses vs polarized sunglasses
Driving lenses

The darker it gets, the more our eyesight can suffer. With decreasing brightness, our visual perception may become impaired and our pupils widen, making them much more prone to irritation through light reflection and glare. This can cause high stress levels and becomes uncomfortable for driving at night. Our solution: SEIKO Drive.


Optimised for your vision!

SEIKO Drive for single vision lenses allows you to see far distances with extra clarity, eliminating distortions around the edges. SEIKO Drive X for progressive lenses optimizes your immediate field of vision, giving you a clear view of everything right on the dashboard.

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