Computer Lenses

Computer lenses lenses, sometimes refered to as Office or Indoor lenses are variable lenses for reading and computer work. 

Seiko Indoor lenses are the perfect solution for situations that require intensive eye movement within a specific range of vision.

To match your personal needs, we have a number of different strengths and distance options available for you to choose from.

a young man wearing glasses smiling at his laptop
a man wearing glasses writing on a transparent bored
a woman wearing glasses looking at her laptop

Different offices and jobs have different demands on your eyesight. With that in mind Seiko Computer lenses can be chosen for close work, providing both a wide, close-up zone and an intermediate zone, helping ensure comfortable eye movement between your computer screen, keyboard and all the other objects on your desk. A perfect lens for activities between a range of 50cm to 1m.

If you need further range of comfortable vision in your work environment then we can change it to a highly comfortable near and intermediate range of vision for activities at a distance of about 1 meter. For example, deskwork, or activities at an arms length away.

If your work is more general office and boardroom orientated and your main  main focus at about 2-4 meters away from you? We can provide you with a clear immediate and intermediate range of vision. These lenses are made with a seamless design providing optimal comfort.

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