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by Riana Williams

Welcome to Part 2 of the Dynamic Vision Photoshoot two-part article. Part 1 can be found here on my blog www.pinkpenthouse.wordpress.com

As many might already be aware, Dynamic Vision held the first  Dynamic Vision Face of Fashion Eyewear Model Search 2019. As a semi-finalist, post competition I was graciously sponsored a test photoshoot with Wasabi Foto sponsored by Dynamic Vision and the Safilo Group.

What would start off as an entry to the competition to see what opportunities a relatively new lifestyle blogger could come by turned into just that. Dynamic Vision went beyond their obligation with select semi-finalists, offering us the opportunity to model and be professionally photographed with amazing designer eyewear.

Needless to say, this was a wonderful gesture, and part of the great experience was getting to authentically be myself, natural curls and all. As someone who was also born with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia in one eye (a non-genetic condition where the optic nerve does not develop properly in the womb, and results in poor vision or blindness in the eye), it was a  moment that I was certainly proud of taking on. In Part 1, I talk about the events leading up to the photoshoot and prepping my curly hair.

So what does a semi-finalist like myself experience when Dynamic Vision & Safilo sponsor a professional photoshoot for you? Summed up: new relationships, more modeling experience and an opportunity to be reminded that beauty comes in all forms. That being said, it would certainly be a generic and boring answer without describing the photoshoot experience itself, so read on for the details and results!

After my curly hair preparations were done for the photoshoot, which in typical curly girl fashion lasted for quite a few days before the shoot might I add, I was off to the studio. I arrived to what was a very relaxing environment at Wasabi Foto. Adrian, who would be photographing me, was warm, professional and knew his work. With five of my own outfits to wear, we were racing against the clock to photograph five pairs of sunglasses, and five pairs of spectacles.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of it all was that it was the most relaxing photoshoot I have ever had. While I have not had many, it certainly seemed very different from the ones I have had – it was  fun, effortless, and Adrian gave great direction. Adrian’s pups, one who has been dubbed the studio mascot, named Noodle,  made for an insanely friendly and relaxing environment, somewhat taking the edge of human anxiety, and that can’t be a bad thing for producing the infamous ‘money shot’.

beautiful lady and a cute dog
Riana wearing those beautiful Carrera Sunglasses, playing with the Wasabi Foto Mascot … Noodle

Sporting sunglasses and fashion frames from Carrera, Polaroid and Marc Jacobs, I was in for more than just a pose session. Adrian brought out a contraption that even Beyonce relies on to turn from star to diva – the wind generator. And if you are wondering from the previous article what took my curly hair from lacking its optimal volume to downright hair goddess, it was indeed the wind machine. Over a few uses, the wind generator brought out the optimal volume in my hair and I pretty much loved it.

When all was said and done, we managed to photograph what we needed, and I’d be eager to see the results myself. After a week of nail-biting excitement and waiting, the results were in and I was truly reminded of the art of photography.

Beautiful lady with curly hair wearing spectacles and sunglasses
Riana Williams wearing from left: Marc Jacobs sunglasses ; A classic Polaroid fashion frame and on the right, a retro Polaroid frame with a tinted prescription lens.

Not only did this experience provide a fashion element to my blogging journey, learning quirks of the eyewear modeling industry, it reminded me of the important role Dynamic Vision plays aiding and protecting our vision. Eyewear and sunglasses may look fabulous, but they protect, preserve and enhance our vision, and as an all-time advocate of protecting or aiding one’s eyes whilst still looking gorgeous, I am only honoured to have been sponsored by an optometry group that never sacrifices your vision or style – they will truly allow you to marry both.

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