A young girl getting her eyes tested by the Optometrist, with her mother supporting her

Protecting your child’s eyes

Date:  23 November 2018

Help your kids look cool with a pair of fashion frames and safeguard their windows to the world by investing in a pair of quality eye wear! You can protect your kids’ eyes from as young as 6 months old and help them see clearly.  It is recommended to take kids for an eye test at least every 12 months.

While it is vital to protect your children’s eyes from long-term damage by wearing the correct prescription lenses and UV protected sunglass lenses, it is also important to let them feel comfortable with a frame that fits nicely and doesn’t slip off the nose.

With increased screen time, blue light coatings for kids are becoming a must-have, even if they don’t wear prescription glasses.  Accommodative support lenses can relax kids’ eyes when reading and staring at screens.

At Dynamic Vision, South Africa’s branded fashion eyewear destination, kids can get their eyes tested and have access to some of the world’s most renowned eyewear brands.  It is recommended to go for an eye test annually.

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