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9 Nov 2018

Luxury eyewear – here’s why people spend on the best

People buy branded, luxury items of all types; from shoes and clothing to handbags and luggage. But, few know the impact of luxury eyewear. In fact, various pieces of market research suggest that designer glasses have replaced designer handbags as must-have fashion items.

“When you interact with someone in person, you look at their eyes. Likewise, when you’re wearing a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses, these are likely the first thing that the person you are talking with will look at. You want them to look good, to suit your face, to make a statement of your personality and personal style.

“People who purchase, or want to purchase luxury eyewear are thinking about more than just stopping glare from the sun. They are looking at portraying a certain image; one that reflects who they are, their confidence, and even their success.

“This may sound ostentatious. But, an investment in a pair of branded sunglasses that you love or designer frames for your prescription lenses is an investment that will in part define you for several years. They should be comfortable, look good, be a statement of who you are, and make you feel good wearing them,” says Ruahan Naude, CEO at Dynamic Vision, adding that style and aesthetics are not the only reasons to purchase luxury eyewear.

“Purchasing branded or luxury eyewear is also an investment in comfort and quality. Upscale brands invest considerably in research and development to create glasses that are made from premium materials which have good longevity. The technologies used are far more superior to those used in cheaper makes. This offers the assurance that frames are robust, that coatings offer excellent protection against ultraviolet rays and glare, and that lenses optimise vision for the wearer.”

In an era of growing technological developments and competition, quality and innovation are key differentiators between eyewear brands. Quality, branded sunglasses are durable and promote healthy vision. Lens manufacturers are continuously innovating to produce lighter and thinner lenses, with a range of coatings to address certain vision requirements and support different lifestyles. Lenses are also made to fit a range of frames, which opens doors for consumers to customize their eyewear to not only suit their own style, but also their vision needs.

“You cannot get this level of personalisation and customization with cheaper makes of eyewear. Personalisation from a vision perspective is another reason why people are choosing luxury brands,” says Naude.

He offers these quick eyewear shopping tips:

  1. Consider your face shape

The shape of your face impacts how a pair of glasses or sunglasses will look on you. Try on several different pairs to find the shape that best fits your face.

  1. Consider your skin tone

Try to choose frames in a colour that suits your skin tone. Brown, green, yellow and gold frames suit people with warm skin tones. Darker colours such as black and silver are better suited for cooler skin tones.

  1. Consider your lifestyle

If you lead an active lifestyle, you will want to pick plastic frames with a sturdy, wrap-around style.

  1. Consider your vision needs

If you have prescription lenses, spend a lot of time outdoors or in front of a computer, discuss your needs with your optometrist so that these can be matched with a frame that suits your look.

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Issued on behalf of Dynamic Vision by Echo Square PR. For more information please call Vickie Slabbert on 082 411 7602 or e-mail vickie@echosquare.co.za



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