Reduce Nearsightedness (Myopia) In Your Child
With MiSight Contact Lenses

Discover how MiSight lenses can slow myopia progression and protect your child’s eye health.

About Myopia

The Widespread Issue Of Myopia In Children

Myopia, often known as nearsightedness, means that your child can see close up, but has problems seeing things that are far away. It’s crucial to understand how to prevent and treat Myopia to ensure your child’s eyes stay healthy and their eyesight does not get worse as they get older.

Myopia Symptoms

Your Child May Be Experiencing Myopia If They Show These Signs:

Constant Squinting

Children with myopia often squint when they’re trying to look at objects that are far away. Squinting is how they try to clear up and focus their blurry vision

Frequent Headaches

Focusing on distant objects can cause strain on eye muscles. Over time, this can lead to overworked muscles and result in frequent headaches.

Introducing The MiSight Contact Lenses

The Innovative Contact Lenses That Prevent Myopia Progression In Kids.

About The Lenses

MiSight lenses are specifically designed to reduce myopia progression in children by a significant 50%. They also provide essential UV protection, ensuring optimal eye health.

How It Works

The lenses have a clear central vision zone that uses rings to direct light in front of the retina. They include two correction zones to correct eyesight and ensure clear and sharp vision .

Learn More About How MiSight Lenses From Dynamic Vision Optometrists Can Protect Your Children’s Eyesight Today.