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New innovation is a triumph for progressive lens wearers

Lens wearers can finally wave goodbye to the discomfort and disorientation often associated with wearing progressive lenses, thanks to an innovation that takes progressive vision to a whole new level.

Times and lifestyles have changed since the first version of the progressive lens was invented by Bernard Maitenaz in 1959, and it has been 25 years since the last notable advancement in lens technology, which allowed custom made progressive lenses to achieve a bigger field of view and less distortion and blur in the periphery.  However, progressive lens-wearers often experience dizziness, confusion or feelings of sway while they adapt to wearing them. Some people never adapt and they simply give up on their progressive lenses.

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Ruahan Naude, CEO at Dynamic Vision, has called the new progressive lens by SEIKO a triumph for wearers of progressive lenses who have struggled with feelings of sway, blur in the periphery and other discomforts. Using a mix of technologies, these lenses delivers precise customisation to provide superior vision for all lifestyles[i].

“The feedback we are receiving from our patients is overwhelmingly positive. They are transitioning to wearing them far easier and more comfortably than with previous lens designs. All our patients have reported immediate comfort, no disorientation, and optimised vision. This is great news for opticians who are acutely aware of the discomfort that patients experience which often causes them to stop wearing their glasses,” says Naude.

Lifestyle and demographic changes have increased the number of progressive lens wearers across the globe. The increasing use of digital devices means that the eyes constantly switch focus when looking closely at devices and focusing on intermediate and far vision zones. This continual movement and working to accommodate different vision zones puts tremendous strain on the eyes. Progressive lenses are designed to support people who need corrective lenses to see distant and close objects, without the bifocal line.

“With more people needing them, for longer periods in the day, and for more than half of their lives, there was a need for innovation in progressive lens technology that could provide advanced customisation to individual needs so that wearers can enjoy relaxed and comfortable vision at all distances,” says Naude.

While many lens manufacturers claim individualised solutions, the factors commonly taken into consideration when creating the lens do not guarantee full customization. SEIKO added two extra-personalised parameters to ensure a highly-individualised solution.

This advanced level of personalisation is driven by a web-based tool that enables an eye care practitioner to capture the wearer’s lifestyle preference, previous progressive lens history and prescription to produce a personalised lens design code that allows the design to be adapted to suit the wearer’s individual needs[i].

In addition, these breakthrough lenses feature four new technologies:

  • The Digital Zoom Equaliser which helps users feel at ease when using and transitioning between different digital devices.
  • The Balance Zone Technology which ensures excellent vision in all areas of the lens, and provides corrections to the eyes and facial features by reducing the magnification and minimization effect normally caused by thick lenses.
  • Twineye 360° Modulation Technology, which regulates the quality and clarity of visual fields for both eyes to ensure stress-free vision throughout the whole day. Wearers’ eyes stay relaxed under dynamic conditions, for example when switching frequently between focal lengths.
  • Intelligent Magnification Control, which helps to reduce feelings of sway and provides a wider visual field. In addition, objects viewed at a close distance maintain their authentic visual shapes. Wearers can now enjoy sharp and comfortable vision even at the edges of the lens.

“These lenses are truly optimised for all lifestyles, including those which demands extended usage of digital devices. Wearers can switch between close-up distances effortlessly and smoothly. These lenses offer the highest levels of customisation, to a degree that we have not seen in decades. Notably, wearers can immediately and easily adapt to wearing them, which dramatically improves the chances that they will continue to wear their glasses to support their vision. For us, this is incredibly important,” concludes Naude.


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