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Enhance your performance with Polarized Prescription Sunglasses

Discover more about why polarised prescription sunglasses are not just a fashion statement, but an investment in your outdoor sports performance.
What are Polarised Prescription Sunglasses?
In short – it is best explained by saying that polarised lenses will help by filtering the light in a unique manner, that increases contrast, reduces glare, and lets you see true colors giving you the clearest vision ever!

Polarised Prescription lenses can be made into your specific prescription to ensure you will see life in true High Definition!

There are many long-term benefits associated with investing in a pair of polarized prescription sunglasses.

an image of a man cycling on the road shown in different views using normal sunglasses vs polarized sunglasses

The Reasons Polarised Lenses will Enhance Your Vision

Polarised lenses are great. Owning a pair of polarised prescription sunglasses ensures that you will benefit the most out of the fact that they are specially designed, according to your visual needs. No blurry vision – just perfect focus!

See things as you have never before:
• Images are crisp, clear, and sharper than ever.
• Experience the most amazing comfort that you have ever felt.
• Increase visual clarity.

Reduced Eye Strain. Getting the correct prescription for your individual lens requirements means that your eyes are relaxed; leaving you to concentrate on the sport and enjoy your game with the enhanced performance polarised prescription lenses will bring to the table!

an african male wearing sunglasses while playing golf

Who needs Polarised Sunglasses?
Literally? Everyone that enjoys any outdoor activity such as:

Golfers and Cricketers
Increase your enjoyment of the game, by empowering yourself to have better ball visibility.

Fishing and Water Sports
Polarized lenses greatly decrease glare from the water. This reduces eyestrain, and even lets you see things under the water.

Cycling and Running
These sports can be made safer for the serious and discerning sports practitioner by eliminating the glare from wet roads, water-filled potholes, and also improve overall visibility when cycling directly into the sun.

Post Ocular Surgery
Patients in the post-op recovery phase from ocular surgeries such as cataract removal need the maximum protection from harmful UV Rays. Polarised sunglasses are like sunscreen for your eyes.

Sportsmen and women that practice any form of outdoor sports often invest in other areas of their bodies, and are battle-ready by making use of different forms of wearable performance enhancement gear.

Get post-Covid19 ready and back in the game, by partnering with the perfect pair of prescription lenses that are crafted to boost your individual sports performance.

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