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How Ditching Contacts For Spectacles Can Protect You From The Coronavirus

Did you know that wearing your spectacles –  and not your contact lenses – could play a significant role in staying healthy and avoiding a Covid -19 infection?  Coronavirus enters the body via mucous membranes which are found in the mouth, nose and eyes!  Yes, eyes!  A sneeze from an infected person sending a droplet into your eye, may infect you!  Spectacles automatically create a barrier between your eyes and droplets in the air created by the sneeze or cough of a potentially infected person.  Spectacles also deter us from rubbing our eyes.

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However, wearing contact lenses may have the opposite effect.  Surprised?  Well, wearing contact lenses immediately increases the number of times we touch our face.  Not only do we touch our eyes when we insert and remove our lenses, but we also tend to rub our eyes more often due to irritation.  Lenses also do not provide the protection against droplets in the air as do spectacles.


Cleaning your spectacles with Glister  – Dynamic Vision’s spectacle cleaning solution which contains 70 % alcohol  – will also disinfect your spectacles should they have been exposed to any viruses. Remember,  Covid-19 clings to surfaces, so it is important to sanitize your spectacles when returning home from an outing.

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