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Hit the road [safely] with Cycling Sunglasses

If you don’t typically use glasses for vision correction, you’re probably wondering why anyone would consider cycling sunglasses a necessity. But in our hot, bright climate, you really should think of adding them to your biking routine. Dynamic Vision takes a peek into exactly why this is.

Sun Protection

Do you skip sunscreen when you’re out for a ride? [If the answer was yes, you probably should look into that too!] Sunglasses do more than make you look super-cool as you whizz past bystanders, they act as sun protection for the sensitive eye areas. Not only does this help you avoid wrinkles and sun damage in this oh-so-delicate area [bonus, ladies!], but helps reduce the very real damage ultraviolet light spectrums can wreck on your vision long-term.


That’s not all they do, though. They also significantly cut out glare and difficulty seeing ahead on you on east-west routes, which can drastically reduce your chances of finding yourself in an accident caused by poor visibility. They also act as ‘catch-alls’ for dust, debris and insects that would otherwise hit you, so they can add significantly to your comfort and health while you cycle.


If you’re not a habitual glasses wearer, you probably have some concerns about them smashing in event of a fall, leading to injury exactly where you don’t need it. The good news is its highly unlikely – even most medical lenses are designed to shatter more like your car windscreen [a maze of cracks still held together] then your wine glass for this exact reason. Sports lenses are specifically made to be even more robust and shatterproof, so they do far more to protect your eyes in event of a spill then endanger them.


man riding a bicycle on the road wearing sunglasses

Why invest in cycling glasses, though?

You may be wondering why you can’t just stick with your favourite Oakleys or Ray-Bans? Why use cycling-specific glasses? Cycling glasses are specifically designed to wrap closer to the face, protecting more of it than the average fashion or medical lens as well as making slipping and other aggravations less likely as you ride. They’re also, as we mentioned, hardier in case of impact and damage – a must for the keen sportsman with a mind to their own safety!

If your budget extends to it, invest in a pair with photochromic tinting. This will lighten as the conditions get darker on your ride and act as sunglasses when it’s bright. But if you’re a keen cyclist, you really should consider adding cycling glasses to your kit for a happier, safer and more comfortable ride altogether. Dynamic Vision can help you find the perfect sport lenses to add to your regime, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today.


Get style and function with SEIKO Curved


SEIKO Curved single vision lenses and Curved X progressive lenses are specifically designed to fit your sporty wrap sunglass frames to provide you with a perfectly natural viewing experience during sports and recreation.

With more than 200 different colours and further photochromic and polarised options there are almost limitless possibilities to create your individual look.  Get SEIKO Curved from your Dynamic Vision Optometrist.


Why invest in a pair of Oakley Cycling Frames and Prizm Lenses?


The Problem:

The human eye is extremely sensitive to detail but each environment puts its own unique demands on vision. Seeing the right colours helps you differentiate things in your visual field like subtle changes in the texture of road surfaces or where a golf green ends and the rough begins. Peripheral vision is less sensitive to details, so any improvements in colour contrast make for big performance improvements for the athlete.

The Solution:

Using specially engineered lens tints, Oakley Prizm™ technology filters out the background “noise” of light that interferes with vision while emphasizing the colours you need to see for optimal performance. Think of it as ultra-precise colour tuning, designed specifically for the environment of your sport or activity. Additionally, every iridium coating has been chosen to interact precisely with the Prizm™ lens and environment for optimal performance.

Limited Colour Control:

Conventional sunglass lenses are like the volume knob on a stereo. It turns down all the wavelengths of sound together, with no fine tuning.

Oakley Prizm™ – Precision Tuned Colour:

A stereo equalizer lets you adjust sound precisely, increasing or decreasing the bass and treble in specific parts of the spectrum. That’s what Prizm™ does with light, precisely tuning each part of the spectrum with specially engineered lens tints tailored for specific sports and environments.


What if I’m a Road Cyclist?

The Problem – Dull colours mean less contrast for slower reaction times to hazards in the road.

The Solution – Oakley Prizm™ Road Lenses:

Prizm™ road helps riders spot subtle changes in the texture of road surfaces so they can react more quickly and ride safer.

Enhanced vision in both bright light and shadows.

White and yellow lane lines are vivid, and traffic lights are more vibrant.

Sky and greenery are colour enhanced for a more pleasant riding experience.


What if I’m a Trail Rider?

The Problem – Dull colours combined with mixed light environments means less contrast for slower reaction times to hazards on the trail.

The Solution – Oakley Prizm™ Trail Lenses:

Prizm™ trail enhances reds and browns so you can quickly spot sand, rocks, roots and other transitions in shade and bright light.

Enhances reds and browns.

Plants and foliage colours are more vivid.

Enhanced vision in both bright light and shadows.

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