Drivers License Screening

Drivers license eye examinations require a drivers screening or certificate from a qualified Optometrist

Save the queue and visit your Dynamic Vision Optometrist to issue a drivers license certificate

When getting your or renewing your driver’s license, a vision test is mandatory. This is usually done for you at the licensing department. Should you fail the test in any way your application will stop right there and you will be referred to your Optometrist.

A far better way to get this done and save time , is to consult your Dynamic Vision Optometrist prior to visiting the license department . Your Dynamic Vision Optometrist will check your vision, and if necessary prescribe the correct pair of spectacles or prescription sunglasses to make sure your driving vision is safe and clear. Once done , we will fill in a certificate for you to take with you to the licensing department.

This certificate will automatically be accepted by them and you will have not have to do their visual screening. You will save time and frustration as this test is the one causing the delay at the license department