Ortho-K contact lenses
Ortho-K is a type of gas permeable contact lens that is used to temporarily reshape the cornea to reduce refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Ortho-k (Orthokeratology) is sometimes called corneal reshaping (CR), corneal refractive therapy or vision shaping.

If your Dynamic Vision eye care professional feels that you are a candidate for Ortho-K lenses, you have a pair specifically made for you. Once you have them you will wear them at night only.
During the early treatment phase, your myopia is gradually reduced. As your vision is undergoing changes you may need to wear disposable soft lenses during the day during this phase.

Once the initial treatment is over, you can wear your Otho-K lenses only at night. During the day you will be able to see well with no corrective lenses.

Some people need to wear their lenses only every other night, or even once or twice a week, to maintain the effect.

Eye health is doubly important with these lenses so you will need to see your Dynamic Vision Optometrist regularly to ensure perfect fit and health.
Due to the tight fit of these lenses, it is imperative that you maintain a regular cleaning and disinfecting schedule for your ortho-K lenses.